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In today’s coaching environment, it’s not enough to be “ just” a good coach. You need someone who can help you build a solid coaching practice. We can help…. Over the last 10 years, the coaching sector has grown significantly. Industry forecasts indicate that this growth will not slow down. And, with this growth, competition has become a challenge in many markets. That’s why our founder, John M McKee, has created a group of ‘experts’ who can help you gain new clients, build your income, and manage your practice. These are coaches who are working every day with clients themselves. They’ve dealt with business issues and are here to help you overcome roadblocks in your own practice. Our JMA Experts know how to help you build your own coaching business, improve your income, and help your clients at the same time. These individuals can also help you improve your skills and coaching performance.

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As a Stress Management Consultant, I consult business leaders on how stress is affecting their personnel, their teams and their execution of best practices. An organization's existing culture can bring an unique form of stress both for management and workforce. Through interactive workshops management and personnel find solutions to create a harmonious work environment.

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World Wide Coaching Association

The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is the first global professional association to exclusively represent the business coaching industry. Since its inception in 1997, WABC has dedicated itself to raising the profile of business coaching

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As a Life Coach I am specialized in compassion fatigue and burnout, I coach professionals on creating effective self-care strategies which will enhance their personal and professional development. My ideal clients are business leaders, life coaches, counselors, mentors, trainers, facilitators, front-line personnel, mental health workers, Doctors, Nurses, and other professionals.

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I facilitate the following workshops: Resilience in the workplace, the interdependence of self-care, teamwork and healthy workplace`` ` This interactive workshop teaches participants how all 3 components are connected, if one falters, they all falter, if one succeeds, the all succeed. Caregiver Wellness Series, a 3-day program for professional and peer caregivers, the participants will learn the differences between stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and PTSD transference symptoms. Stress Factors at Work: a 1-day workshop, where participants will acquire insight on how they react to stress, at home, within relationships and in the workplace. Grieving in the workplace: This 6 week program is especially designed for front-line personnel that have to deal with death on a regular basis, such as Palliative Care or End of Life Care. With the help of the "Wellness Chart" and an interactive program, participants will have a deeper understanding of their own mental well-being, where they are in the burnout process, and how to change course, before they end up being burned out. As a consultant, I am able to design and change programs, seminars or workshops to a business or organization's needs.

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Once an organization or a business has offered some of my programs to management or the workforce, then I am available for mentoring individuals that are in a supporting or mentoring other personnel

Speaking Engagements

I am open to speaking engagement opportunities, just email me with what your organization's objectives

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