I believe that stress is my best friend and my constant companion in my life, stress came into my life, from the moment I was conceived to the moment I will die. There is no such thing as a "stress free" moment in my life. My body, my mind, my spirit are in constant need of nourishment or information or peace of mind.

More and more we hear about how we don't have time for things anymore, deadlines are looming and we are busy juggling life, kids, work, and friends.

And over the years as a life coach and as a caregiver, I have come to the realization, that stress is pure energy, same like faith, hope, anger and love. It is not positive nor is it negative,. It is how we react to our stress which creates a positive or a negative experience and overtime these results have influenced our belief systems on how we see stress in our lives.
Stress is a physical sensation, some describe it as a rushing train, others as a tingling, and others as something else that creates a sensation in our bodies, even when people are panicking or freezing up, there is this energy, the "ing" of each word describes motion, an energy source.

We cannot control energy, we cannot contain it indefinitely, we cannot manage it, however, instead we can use energy to do things with it, and we can change things, we can change our lives because of energy, because of stress.
Therefor we can change things in our lives when you use stress wisely, when it shows up.
Why is it that most people see or experience stress as being negative?
I believe that this process starts as a young child, as our parents or adults around us as children could not handle the added stress of a screaming or an acting out child on top of their daily stresses.
This created the beginning on how we as young people and later in life as adults, think, behave and react to stress in our lives; the need of stress management, the need to contain stress, the need to suppress it, and the need to control it, is so ingrained in our psyche that all our actions are geared and focused on how to stop or prevent our stress.
So, in order to learn about how to befriend your stress, you need to be able to change your mind set on stress in your life, and you need to understand what stress is, and what is it not!

I strongly believe in the ripple effect, when I help a professional that is supporting others, I help many more.

As a Stress Management Consultant, I coach professionals that struggle with high stress, burnout, secondary trauma, PTSD transference, compassion fatigue.
As a consultant, I support business leaders with insight and solutions to create a proactive and supportive business culture, by introducing interactive communications methods, increase employee engagement, training of management and personnel, to create a cohesive work environment.

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"When we want to be an effective caregiver for others, then we must be an effective caretaker of ourselves"
(John Cazander 2018)

In August 2018, John was asked to join an international coaching organization, John McKee and Associates.